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In the morning, you walk through a fairy tale at Willem Arntsz Hoeve. The heather full of dewy cobwebs twinkles and, with a bit of luck, you might spot a roe deer. It is a landscape repeatedly overtaken by harsh reality. A landscape that falls silent and under. For some, even a guilty landscape. A little longer and it will be given a new purpose. Will the landscape endure or will the balance be upset?

Art should chafe, raise questions and can connect. That is why I draw attention to the redevelopment of the site with this artwork. I have been working with the theme of compassion for some time. This work calls for compassion for the natural and cultural-historical value of the Willem Arntsz Hoeve. An area where so much has happened not only recently but also in the past.

The work Black Widow: man vs nature points to the danger of man eating his own ally when he has no regard for the other or others. Golden bricks trap a tree in a web of insatiable desire for more. Black Widow is part of the series Erbarme dich who wants to shine a wider light on the power of compassion.