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Leaving your loved one, family, friends and everything that feels familiar and familiar is not something you do lightly. Hardly anyone goes voluntarily in search of absolute uncertainty.

Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing. From war, violence, persecution or poverty. In search of peace, security and a stable existence. They want nothing more than to simply be able to be happy. The recent fall of the Rutte IV cabinet has painfully shown how divided the Netherlands is on the reception of these people. The coalition parties could not agree on how to tackle the asylum crisis.

But what does fleeing mean for the people concerned? People like you and me. Seven visual artists set to work with that question. You can see the result at the exhibition VLUCHT! from Thursday 24 August to Sunday 1 October in Kadmium Arts Centre in Delft.

Opening exhibition
The exhibition will be opened Sunday 27 August at 15.00 by Monika de Waal. Curator of the exhibition is Suus Zweekhorst.